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We deliver a variety of courses, workshops, talks and events, all targeted at providing knowledge and expertise into the fields and industries of the future.


Eight of the ten most-demanded positions in 2018 are ones that did not exist at all just few years back, and as we move forward, more and new exciting fields are opening up, with very few who have the expertise to undertake the tasks involved. We aim to make these jobs, the careers of the future, available now, up for the taking for anyone who’s ready to make the shift from the current, to what is invetiabiliy coming.


Our educational-offering is constantly changing. As we move forward, we are continuously analyzing new areas of interest where our network of expert-lecturers can provide input, direction and guidance to newcomers. Keep checking our roster, you just might find your next big passion in there.

Upcoming Programs

Certified Blockchain Consultant

Certified Blockchain Developer

Certified Senior Blockchain Expert

Blockchain Fundamentals Seminar

Industry-Specific Blockchain Apps

Cryptoeconomy & Regulation

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