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Meet Cédric

Cédric Bollag is an aspiring venture capitalist and an expert in the Swiss and Israeli startup scene. Cédric is deeply passionate about innovation and is excited to be on the forefront of shaping the future. His network and knowledge extends to entrepreneurs of new companies, innovative corporate executives, investors, and everyone in between.

Cédric is the founder of, a powerful online video platform that provides a stage for ‘Startups, Tech and Innovation.’ Cédric Bollag also hosts “The StartupShow,” where he interviews cutting-edge CEOs and founders of the most promising startups on a weekly basis. After showcasing over 150 entrepreneurs and investors on the show, Cédric has become a true authority about the startup world. In his videos, he integrates information that interests investors together with advice and inspiration from founders, creating a unique combination that everyone will find valuable.


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A Leading Influencer in the Swiss Tech Scene

Using his platform, Cédric Bollag has generated a vast database of fascinating startups and new technologies. He leaves his audience inspired and motivated for action, feeling capable and prepared, as well as better informed.

The Handelszeitung, the largest Swiss business newspaper, lists Cédric as one of the top social media accounts for managers to follow and from which to gain inspiration, alongside accounts such as Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, and Gary Vaynerchuk. The paper describes Cédric Bollag as an (translated from German) ‘aspiring Venture Capitalist who tours from one innovation hotspot to another with his startup web video show.’ His social media feed, the article says, features ‘inspiring quotes from his interviewees and important insights from the show.’

Cédric grew up, and currently lives, in Zurich, but he also lived in Israel for seven years, giving him a special blended insight into both innovation hubs. He has a fascinating understanding of these two distinct and powerful ecosystems and he combines that knowledge in a unique and thoughtful way, highlighting the best aspects of each.

Cédric’s multicultural and multinational background makes him universally relatable to his audience and allows him to speak to a wide variety of people. The passion and joy he radiates when talking about these topics are magnetic and Cédric’s natural charisma is enjoyable to witness. Cédric Bollag leaves his audience inspired and motivated for action, feeling capable and prepared, as well as better informed. He provides his audience with clear, actionable, and practical tips on using video content to brand personalities or businesses, on building a remote team, on understanding the different aspects of the current startup scene, and on developing and cultivating dreams.

Below are some of the particular topics that Cédric Bollag speaks about to inspire and inform audiences of all varieties. Book him today to hear more about these fascinating and topical innovations.


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Driving disruption and realization of thought-provoking ideas



Motivation the makers of today, the movers of tomorrow



Tapping into the greatest pool of customers of our time



Creating a brand and a solid following in the online ecospace



Ushering new approaches to the concept of workplace

Delivered Talks

Cédric’s 2019 Running Topics

Idea Realization

“If I could do it, so can you.” There is a vast difference between thinking about an idea and materializing it. Cédric has gone through the process of actualizing his ideas and understands that a can-do mindset is critical to anyone who wants to accomplish their goals.

The New Workplace

Every successful startup consists of a team of determined people who become the starting engine of a promising idea. Choosing the right people to build your startup is one of the most crucial elements in determining its success. Cédric utilizes an international freelance approach to build his ideal team.

Digital Marketing

Your dedicated brand ambassadors will start promoting your brand on their social media channels and private blogs. We will measure the traffic, engagement and sales generated by each ambassador and incentivize them.

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